Know your nights.
Improve your days.

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Track your sleep.
At every level.

Automatically track your time in deep sleep, total time asleep, head orientation, and when you fall asleep. Now you’ll know exactly how your slept the night before.

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Decisions you
can track.

Use your sleep stats to see how your daily habits affect your sleep. Get motivated to make better decisions throughout your day. Continue to improve your sleep and be ready for the day, no matter what it throws at you.

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Your front row seat

By automatically and wirelessly syncing your sleep stats to your smartphone, the Sleep Shepherd lets you see your progress wherever you are, and shows you easy to read charts and graphs so you can track your trends over time.

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Brains sleep.
Not wrists.

By monitoring your brain, the Sleep Shepherd allows you to track your sleep at the source. No more wondering if tracking your wrist is actually giving you an accurate reading (spoiler: it’s not).