How it Works

How it improves your sleep

To understand all the ways the Sleep Shepherd improves your sleep, it’s important to break the device down to its two main parts: EEG Brainwave Monitoring and the Binaural Beat System. When these work together, it’s called The Biofeedback Network. It’s also important to understand how to properly define sleep.

What is Sleep?

The most accurate and reputable way to measure sleep is by measuring your brain rate. When you first go to bed, your brain rate is ~50 Hz. In order to fall asleep, your brain rate needs to drop to ~10 Hz. Simply put, the Sleep Shepherd utilizes EEG Sleep Monitoring and Specialized Binaural Beats to slow your brain rate from an awake state to a sleeping state.

Binaural Beat System

Much more than sound

At the surface, binaural beats seem to just be two tones, one played into each ear. But in reality, they’re much more. Each tone is set to a very precise, but different, frequency. When these tones cross in your brain, your brain deciphers the different and adapts to them. Depending on how the tones are set, they allow you the ability to intentionally raise or lower your brain rate.

Test of Time

Over the last 100 years, countless studies have shown that binaural beats are one of the most effective ways to affect a subject’s brain rate. Binaural beat technology was included in the development of the Sleep Shepherd due to the rigorous amount of research behind them, and their ability to stand up to peer review.

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EEG Brainwave Monitoring

Precise Monitoring in Real Time

Although effective, each binaural beat frequency can only slightly change your brain rate. So, in order to maximize effectiveness, the binaural beats must be applied in a dynamic fashion – constantly updating frequencies according to your current brain rate.

This is where the Sleep Shepherd’s integrated EEG sleep monitoring comes in. The Sleep Shepherd contains innovative fabric EEG sensors in combination with brainwave filtering technology developed by NeuroSky – the industry leader in commercial EEG sensing technology. The Sleep Shepherd is able to track your brain rate in real time, and subtly adjust the frequency of the binaural beats accordingly.

Biofeedback Network

Binaural beat system + EEG brainwave monitoring

By combining specialized binaural beats with EEG sleep monitoring, the Sleep Shepherd’s patent-pending biofeedback system helps improve your sleep like no other sleep device. The two components work together to help constantly optimize your sleep cycle.

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