Sleep Smarter. Live Better.

Wake up feeling great and get the most out of your
night with the only sleep tracker that actively
improves your sleep.

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Actively Improve Your Sleep

Because the Sleep Shepherd is the only sleep device that actively improves your sleep, you can get the most out of your sleep, every night.

Track Your Sleep, For Real

Other sleep trackers just track your motion as you sleep, the Sleep Shepherd tracks sleep at its source by monitoring your brainwaves in real time.

Wake Up Refreshed

The Sleep Shepherd’s Smart Alarm slowly lifts your brain out of sleep before waking you up. So you wake up feeling great – and on time.

Lightweight Fabric That Breathes

Designed with ultra lightweight fabric that is designed to be extremely breathable, non-intrusive and comfortable.

Backed By Data

Sleep with confidence knowing that studies show 4 out of 5 people sleep better with the Sleep Shepherd.

Goes Wherever You Are

Because the Sleep Shepherd requires zero set-up, it’s effortless to travel with. Build better sleep no matter where you are.

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Say hello to
your personal
sleep lab.

From head orientation tracking to
EEG brainwave monitoring, the
Sleep Shepherd allows you to
collect an unprecedented
volume of sleep data.

Having more insight allows
you to make better decisions
throughout the day.

Your personal

Because the Sleep Shepherd lets you
directly control your brain rate, you can
naturally build a better, healthier sleep
cycle that allows you to fall asleep
faster, stay asleep longer, and have
more energy during the day.

how it works

Wake up smarter with the most
intelligent alarm clock in the world.

The Sleep Shepherd gently eases you out of sleep by gradually raising your brain
rate until you’re awake. Wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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What people are saying

4 out of 5 people

sleep better with the Sleep Shepherd

on average, those that slept better saw a 50% improvement in the quality of their sleep. Studies also show that the longer you use the Sleep Shepherd, the more your quality of sleep increases.

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