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article If you want to have a better memory 30 years from now, get the sleep you need today. 10 Oct

The list of benefits from getting good sleep are endless. New research shows that getting good sleep today could have a dramatic impact on your memory 30 years from now. So if you want to stay sharp in your golden years – sleeping now could be the best way to do it. This is the conclusion […]

article Lack of Sleep Seems to be More Deadly for Firefighters Than Fire 7 Oct

Originally Publish by Rachel Nuwer SMITHSONIAN.COM NOVEMBER 14, 2014 Contrary to what you might assume, the majority of fire fighters are not killed by fire but by traffic accidents and heart attacks, the New York Times reports. And behind those leading causes, researchers think, might be lack of sleep. Scientists from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital screened around […]

camera Size Matters 2 Oct size-matters

There is mounting evidence that missing out on sleep may contribute to Alzheimer’s. During deep, slow-wave sleep, brain cells shrink slightly to allow fluid from around the brain to flow through and help clean out the build-up of waste from cellular processes. Our brain doesn’t have lymphatic vessels to drain away “gunk” like the rest […]

camera Look Beyond Pills for Better Sleep 1 Sep Prescription spilled

The stool of a healthy life has three legs: nutrition, exercise and sleep. We shun unnatural substances from our food — locally-grown and organic offerings are exploding, even at Walmart. We insist on better fare in school cafeterias than what was dished up when I was a kid. Back then, everything was served with a […]

camera Presentation: The Science and Technology of Sleep 11 Aug presentation image

Come hear a presentation on “The Science and Technology of Sleep” from 6:00 to 7:00 PM at the Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr. in Colorado Springs. Admission is $20 at the door, but FREE IF YOU BRING YOUR SLEEP SHEPHERD! The CDC calls insufficient sleep America’s newest “public health epidemic,” afflicting more than 70 […]

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