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Sleep Shepherd

Advanced Sleep Tracking.

Breakthrough Sleep Optimization.

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Brainwave Measurement

The only sleep tracker that monitors brainwave actively and sleep orientation.

All Natural Sleep Aid

The only sleep aid that uses biofeedback and binaural beats to help you fall asleep naturally

Smart Alarm Clock

An innovative smart alarm that gradually wakes you up to leave you feeling refreshed



  • Monitor brainwaves with integrated EEG sensors
  • Track motion and head orientation with 3-axis accelerometer


Sleep Aid

  • Monitor brainwaves with integrated EEG sensors
  • Uses precise binaural tones to encourage sleep

Smart Alarm

  • Gradually lifts you out of sleep with binaural beats
  • Subtly introduces alarm tones to wake you without being startled

Companion App

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Detailed Statistics

Daily Trends

Summary of Sleep

Brain Activity

Head Orientation

Track Sleep Better

Quantify your sleep

Track your average time and quality of sleep

Track your brainwave activity throughout the night

Record your sleeping position and see what’s best for you

Watch your sleep improve from day to day

Product Comparison


Sleep Shepherd Blue

Sleep Shepherd Original

Fitbit (all models)


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Biofeedback Sleep Optimization checkmark-ecc71668 blue checkmark-ecc71668 blue
Integrated EEG Sensors checkmark-ecc71668 blue checkmark-ecc71668 blue
Brainwave Tracking checkmark-ecc71668 blue
Sleep Orientation Tracking checkmark-ecc71668 blue
Smart Alarm Clock checkmark-ecc71668 blue

How it Works

Brainwaves slow as they entrain to the Sleep Shepherd’s output tones
Tones automatically adjust based on data obtained from sensors in real time

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